Story (matoran)Edit

Ultimatros was a Ta and Shadow matoran who lived in the vilage of Tadowro. he had a crazy  mind and that made him  a aggressive matoran that nobody wanted to be friends with. But some how he managed to become a Toa.

Info (matoran)Edit

IQ: 1,000            Strengh: 1000          Age: 30,000

Type: Ta- and Shadow Matoran              Kanohi: Kiril

Story (toa)Edit

Ultimatros some time after he transformed, he managed to find a toa team that he would join (The toa agai). shortly after

he had joined the toa agai, he betrayed them on one of  there mission to the abandoned city of Hydryo. he killed two of his

fellow toa Lixsous and Taku. He allmost killed the young toa aritek. but he di'nt except that a anohter toa soon
DSC 0085

Ultimatros as a Toa by Arccaptain101.

after would

find and heal the wounded toa Aritek. later on Ultimatros transformed himself in to a monster  (a makuta kinda).

but shortley after he found out that his fellow toa: aritek was not dead but  had been healed and joined the Toa Saga.  Then ultimatros decided that now he would destroy the toa and rule the matoran and no one shall stand i his way not even the Toa Saga.

Info (toa)Edit

Strengh: 10.000                       Age : 40.000                Kanohi: Kiril

Powers:  control of Fire and Shadow                                 Weapon: Duel Shadow Blades

Story (monster thing ?)Edit

After Ultimatros had killed two toa, from his former toa team ( the Toa Agai) and discorved ,that Toa Aritek  had  survived. He used the energi, he ganed by killing the two toa, and allmost killing Toa Aritek. To transform into a monster (thing ?). So now he was  powerfull, and when he killed King of Shadows.He was more powerfull then ever.And he was allso, the leader of the  Shadow Rahkshi"s, but eventually he was some time after killed by a stranger named  : Darkfire. His body was sent to the underworld by the toa, were i returend to dust.
Mathias billeder 007

Ultimatros after he transformed