Lixsous  (leader, deceased), Ultimatros  (transformed), Aritek , Taku  (deceased) and Likou (deceased).

Story (the toa agai)Edit


The Toa Agai was a Toa team who existed of five members: Toa Lixsous the leader of the Toa Agai, former Toa Ultimatros, Toa Aritek, Toa Taku and Toa Likou. They were on many missions around the super continent.

They worked for the new order of Mata Nui.


Downfall (story)Edit


On one of there missions the Toa Agai was sent to the forgotten city of Hydryo. This was there last mission. When they came into the city Lixsous gave them orders to spilt up. One after one they was all killed by Ultimatros except the Toa Aritek and Likou but Aritek he was badly wounded. Luckely he was found by another Toa and then healed.


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