Story (spirit)Edit

Takahu used to be a spirit. He would guard over the matorans and from times to times help them. Because Takahu helped the matorans so much that the great spirits decided that he would become a matoran himself.

Info (spirit)Edit

IQ: infinent              Strengh: infinent              Age: 20,000

Story (matoran)Edit

Takahu became a matoran around the piraka invasion of Voya-Nui and that was where he was placed to grow up and become a Toa. When Takahu was lying on the beach Thok was coming towards that way and saw Takahu. Thok took a stick and ran over to Takahu and began poking him. He should not have done that. Because he got a punch right in the face. Takahu used his super strengh for the first time to almost kill Thok. Takahu took Thoks leg and told him to free all of the captured matorans or else he will kill all of the pirakas. Thok ran away and Takahu found a tunnel to Mata-nui. Takahu began venturing inside that tunnel. Halfway through he met Jaller, Matoro, Hahli, Kongu, Hewkii and Nuparo. When Takahu arrived at Mata-nui he was met by Macku who asked who he was. Takahu told Macku his story and Macku did not belive him in the beginnig and asked if he knew what kohli was. Takahu replied with a no and said "but i would like to know what it is." Later that day Takahu had learned how to play Kohli. Several years later Takahu returned to Voya-Nui and became a toa or as the people of Voya-Nui would call ham: A warrior.

Info (matoran)Edit

IQ: 6,000              Strengh: 2,000              Age: 30,000

Type: Ba- and Vo-matoran              Kanohi: Ruru

Story (toa)Edit

When Takahu became a Toa he was not called Toa but warrior. He even belived it himself because he did not have powers in the beginnig. After searching for an another toa to team up with he found Gaika. Finaly he had a team of two. He called the team The Toa Saga. Toa Gaika is The Toa of water and life. But when Aritek was brought back to the Toa Sagas base he was requested to join them and he did. And later Vexon would join to. That made a total of four Toa's and for the first time Takahu was chosen for the title Leader of the Toa Saga.

Info (toa)Edit

IQ: 50,000              Strengh: 24,750              Age: 150,000

Powers: Control gravity, make black holes and control lightning              Kanohi: unknown

Story (turaga)Edit

Nothing yet.

Info (turaga)Edit

IQ: 75,000              Strengh: 15,000              Age: 187,000

Kanohi: Huna