Story( Shadow Rahkshi"s)Edit

The Shadow Rahkshi"s was a group of Rahkshi"s, that were created by Ultimatros . As a strike force if, when Ultimatros had killed King of Shadows. If his henchmen wouldn"t answer to Ultimatros, the Shadow Rahkshi"s would take there place. But king of Shadows,henchmen did now answer to Ultimatros . Ultimatros decided that the Shadow Rahkshi"s, would be a strike force that could help Ultimatros, to destroy the toa and and matoran. Later the shadow rahkshi"s,attacked the matoran city of Losarra. When they attacked losarra,some of the rahkshi"s, were encountered by toa Aritek , the city"s Toa Protecter. They eventually destroyed the city, but the Matoran and the  Toa suvirved. Some time after when ultimatros, was killed by Darkfire the rahkshi"s was eventually, deafeated by the Toa Saga.   But one rahkshi magned to survived,  his postion tho, is unknown.

Info and Members(Shadow Rahkshi"s)Edit

Strengh Together : 20.000                Leaders: Ultimatros( deceased) ,Lohrak ( ,formely,deceased)    

Members : Lohrak  (deceased),Ohrak  (deceased),forhrak,unknown other Rahkshi

Creation: some time before The Battle in Hydryo.  
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Lohrak The Leader of the Shadow Rahkshi"s