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Losarra was a  matoran city in the jungle, matoran and turaga"s lived in the city. the matoran"s that lived there was most Le-martoran"s and Bo-matoran"s but some were both elements. the  matoran"s in city was tool makers, weapon makers, traders, and also some matoran"s were in the new Guko force. the only leaders known was Terarris and later Aritek.

info (Losarra)Edit

Matoran count: around 15.000 (Formerly)        Status : Destroyed (later rebuild)      

Location : somewere in

the Logona-Jungle

Type of matoran"s: Le-,Bo-matoran and Lo-matoran                 Leaders : Terarris (formerly, Deceased), Aritek.

Toa protecters: Terarris (formely, Deceased) ,Aritek (formerly)

Story chapter 1: The Beginning Edit

Story chapter 2 : The Protecters of LosarraEdit

Story chapter 3 : The Battle of LosarraEdit

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Story chapter 5 : The Departure of  The Turaga of LosarraEdit