Story (matoran)Edit

As a Matoran Darkfire used to rival Takahu in everything he did. He even once told Takahu he is the real hero that will save them all. But Takahu didn't think that way and said "the time will show who's the real heroes to save us all." Darkfire got angry and almost killed Takahu but because of Takahus strengh he bunched Darkfires mask of and Darkfire fell down a cliff that almost killed him. Makuta found him lying there almost dead. Makuta could fell stong powers coming from Darkfire so Makuta walked slowly away from him.

Info (matoran)Edit

IQ: 695              Strengh: 1,100              Age: 110,000

Type: Hell-Matoran (legendary)              Kanohi: Olmak

Story (toa)Edit

When Darkfire found out he have become a Toa he knew what his destiny was. To destroy Takahu before he also become a Toa. After many tries Darkfire could not escape from the prison he was locked in. All the rahi down there was always helping him. And from that day an underworld had excisted. He named it hell because he is the toa of hell. His IQ had become really high and he had become much stronger now. 

Info (toa)Edit

IQ: 25,000              Strengh: 18,000              Age: 140,000

Powers: Open gates from hell and release all the hellish rahi              Kanohi: Does not have one.