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Aritek was a matoran who lived in the jungle forest village known as Losarra. He was a great kohli player and a part of the new guko force.  He was a friend of Toa Takahu who told him what to do and gave him advise. Turaga Terarris gave Aritek his power before he died so Aritek could become the new Toa of Air and Jungle. He accepted the Turaga's request to become a Toa.

Info (matoran)Edit

IQ: 1,200              Strengh: 900               Age: 17,000

Type: Le- and Bo-Matoran              Kanohi: Kakama

Story (toa)Edit


Shortly after he was transformed Aritek allied with four other toa (The toa agai) one of them was a mystrious Toa named Toa Ultimatros. On one of there  missions to the abandoned  city: Hydryo. Aritek walked alone in the streets of the abandoned  city.

He tried to find his team, but he couldn't find any of them. He stopped and then he felt pain, Ultimatros stabbed him in the back. Now he was lying dead on the floor, it was what Ultimatros thought!. Later he was luckely found by Toa Gaika who took him to a place where, the toa of water gaika healed the wounded toa Aritek. Later Aritek found out that it was Ultimatros, who killed his fellow toa. He joined the Toa Saga after he got healed by Gaika. He became co-leader after Vexon, Vortrax and Rex joined. He finally knew his destiny. To defend the matorans and avenge the Toa Agai.

Info (toa)Edit

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Toa Aritek

IQ: 13,000              Strengh: 9,000              Age: 28,000              Armour: Traditionel Prototanium Toa Nuva armour

Powers: Control of plant-life and air control              Kanohi: Kakama              Weapon: Organic Prototanium Sword

Story (turaga)Edit

Nothing yet

Info (turaga)Edit

IQ:20,000            Strengh:900                   Age: 56,000      

Weapon: turaga jungle spike                     Kanohi: Noble Kanohi Kakama